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We are a mobile outpatient Physical & Occupational Therapy clinic for seniors, increasing function and safety in the comfort of your own home. We focus on treating the whole person with compassion while providing the best treatment strategy to ensure you meet your goals while aging in place. 

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Outpatient Therapy in the comfort of your home.

Our passion is working with seniors and their families to ensure they are able to stay home as independent and safe as possible as long as possible. Focusing on fall prevention/balance recovery, independence in self care tasks, strength/endurance training, custom wheelchair assessments, ambulation, and improving range of motion, posture, and hand coordination. We also work with caregivers to assist with reducing and managing challenging behaviors associated with dementia, including, but not limited to, agitation, refusing/resisting care, and wandering/shadowing.

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Our Team

With over 33 years of experience working with adults, Sonja and Nicole cover all the bases when it comes to establishing individualized treatment plans focusing on the goals of each client. Bringing compassion, fun, and humor to each session, they ensure the clients take an active role in reaching their highest potential. 

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  • Occupational & Physical Therapy

  • Home Safety Assessment

  • Dementia Care

  • Caregiver Training

  • Fall Prevention and Management

  • Balance Recovery

  • Strength and Endurance Training

  • Orthopedic Rehab

  • Pre/Post Surgical Rehab

  • Pain Management

  • Neurorehabilitation

  • Parkinson's Disease Rehab

  • Stroke Rehab

  • Custom Wheelchair Assessments

  • Wheelchair Management and Mobility

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